Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May 2024

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a journey to rediscover your inner peace and well-being at Bay and Bush Jervis Bay’s Signature Lifestyle Retreat, coming in May 2024. Nestled within the tranquil beauty of Jervis Bay, our intimate retreat can host up to 10 participants, ensuring a personalised and exclusive experience. Over the span of 2 nights and 3 days, Bay and Bush becomes your sanctuary, a place where you can truly disconnect to reconnect.

🌟 A Holistic Wellness Experience 🌟

At Bay and Bush, we believe in the transformative power of blending relaxation with invigorating activities to awaken your senses and renew your spirit. Our meticulously curated retreat offers a harmonious blend of strength-building exercises, yoga to enhance your flexibility, stretching sessions to release tension, and horse riding adventures through breathtaking landscapes. But the journey doesn’t end there; immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of spa treatments, crafted meals by our talented chefs, find your inner peace with qigong, and let the vibrations of sound healing guide you to a state of profound tranquility.

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💪 Embrace Your Well-being 💪

We understand that true rejuvenation encompasses both the body and the mind. “In order for you to be truly renewed, refreshed, and revived, physical fitness is part of that equation.” Our retreat is crafted to ensure that every element, from physical activities to moments of quiet reflection, contributes to your overall well-being.

Experience the exhilaration of a guided horse ride that will leave you feeling empowered, and embark on a journey of self-discovery for the adventurous souls.

Retreat wellness lifestyle horse ride yoga meditation accommodation included meals hiskisson NSW australia shoalhaven event may 2024

🌌 Connect with Nature and Your Inner Self 🌌

As the stars emerge, join us for an enchanting stargazing experience, reminding us of the beauty and vastness of the universe that surrounds us. With each activity, including and rewriting the essence of our retreat: “a balanced blend of strength, yoga, stretching, horse riding, spa treatments, included chef meals, qigong, sound healing, stargazing, and more!” we invite you to embark on a personal journey of discovery and renewal.

But that’s not all – our retreat offers even more rejuvenation through the art of sound bathing and the healing power of spa treatments. Our chef-prepared meals will nourish your body and soul, leaving you feeling revitalized and truly pampered.

Join us for 2 nights and 3 days of self-care, self-discovery, and self-love at our idyllic retreat location. With accommodation for up to 10 participants right on-site, you’ll find comfort and tranquility throughout your stay.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and embark on a journey of self-renewal at a Bay and Bush Signature Retreat.

Secure your spot today, and let the journey to wellness begin! 🌿🌟🌊 #BayAndBushRetreats #UnwindAndRevive #WellnessJourney

Day 1Friday 17th May 2024
PMCheck in : welcome box
Afternoon tea
Welcome circle and set your intention for the retreat
Yoga flow & Meditation
Free time: Relaxation and spa treatments Optional
Wholesome dinner
Rest by the fire and turn in for the night
Day 2Saturday 18th May 2024
AMFresh and nourishing breakfast
Included treatment and personal time to discover the surrounding and town
Departure to Horse riding
PMHorse riding / walk and swim at the beach
Travel back from Horse riding
Fresh and Seasonal lunch
Free time: Relaxation and spa treatments Optional
Yoga flow
Afternoon tea
Free time: Relaxation and spa treatments Optional
Stargazing and story telling around the firepit
Day 3Sunday 19th May 2024
AMQi Gong
Free time | treatment | Check out
Sound Healing
PMMorning Tea

Jervis Bay Accommodation Bookings

February 2024 Retreat Lifestyle Wellness Fitness Event All-inclusive Accommodation Meals Yoga Pilates Stargazing Qi gong Sea Kayaking Sound bath Ice bath Shoalhaven Nature Jervis Bay Huskisson NSW South Coast

You will be nourished physically, mentally, and emotionally by incredible food, inspiring workshops, and exciting new friendships.

Come along solo, or bring a friend or two for this nourishing weekend away. No yoga or pilates experience is necessary, THIS RETREAT IS DESIGNED FOR EVERYBODY.

February 2024 Retreat Lifestyle Wellness Fitness Event All-inclusive Accommodation Meals Yoga Pilates Stargazing Qi gong Sea Kayaking Sound bath Ice bath Shoalhaven Nature Jervis Bay Huskisson NSW South Coast

Jervis Bay Accommodation Bookings

King Deluxe ensuite with spa - ONLY 2 LEFT!EARLY BIRD - SAVE $150Full Price
1 person $1,640 pp$1,790 pp
Shared 2 persons $1,210 pp$1,360 pp
Shared 3 persons $1,070 pp$1,220 pp
Shared 4 persons $990 pp$1,140 pp
King Master ensuite with spa ONLY 2 LEFT!EARLY BIRD - SAVE $150Full Price
1 person $1,490 pp$1,640 pp
Shared 2 persons $1,130 pp$1,280 pp
Shared 3 persons $1,010 pp$1,160 pp
Queen Master Ensuite - ONLY 1 LEFT!EARLY BIRD - SAVE $150Full Price
1 person $1,430 pp$1,580 pp
Shared 2 persons $1,100 pp$1,250 pp
Lodge Shared RoomEARLY BIRD - SAVE $150Full Price
Bunk room up to 4 persons$990 pp$1,140 pp

Price per person. Includes food, accommodation, activities, workshops and more.

Limited places are available. Bookings are required ASAP.
Jervis Bay Accommodation Bookings

“I find it such a relaxing, grounding place, and the staff, they are all so lovely and adorable, so you know you’re always going to have a good time. And when you put on top activities like the workshops we’ve had and yoga it just definitely seemed like an amazing time for me and really, takes a lot of pressure off after a busy period.The highlight has been that I have been surprised because of the people that have been running the activities, they have such an amazing human connection and they really take it to the next level.” “If I was to describe this experience in one word, would call it ENRICHING.”

Womens Health Australia – How A Wellness Retreat Changed This Editor’s Life by Kara Byers | FEB 19, 2023. Link to article here.

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    Jervis Bay Accommodation Bookings

    We will be following all NSW Gov COVID-19 rules. Retreat Full Terms and Conditions here